Steve Welch demonstrating how early Americans split shingles out of a white oak blank.  

​There are more than 7000 islands in the Caribbean Sea but only about 2% of them are inhabited.


Apples ripen ten times faster on the kitchen counter than in the refrigerator.

Some spiders can make 7 different types of silk.

In the 1800's, children received letters from 'Santa Cllaus'  commenting on their behavior over the past year.

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Teddy Roosevelt's 1895 Winchester .405

'Big Medicine' big game rifle. T.R liked lever action rifles and joked that if he wasnt a good shot, at least he could shoot often.

Jack Abernathy showing Theodore Roosevelt about catching wolves bare handed in the Big Pasture of Oklahoma in 1905, Jack was 29 years old. 

 The Barehanded Wolfchoker toast is given for members that have passed from this life to their eternal home.

To live in hearts we leave behind, is not to die dear friend of mine.                                                                                        For time strikes down both great and small so here's to health for one and all.

Lets drink this toast and remember well, the lives and stories of those that fell.

May troubles be less and blessings be full, adventures be many and life never dull. 

Featured antique Motorcycle, Indian In-line Four ​Type your paragraph here.

Bare HandedWolf

from the presidents Ratings within the Bare Handed Wolf Chokers

Sidekick: The Sidekick class is for younger members of the BHWC below the age of 16. They are close companions or partners, a person that is always there in good and bad times. An essential helper to someone and fun to be around. A Sidekick is always learning new skills and developing into maturity each day, not giving in to peer pressure, but someone others will look up to.

Tracker: The Tracker is one that can follow the signs, is not distracted by false trails or back tracks. Can lead others to the one who has lost their way, being the first to help them back up. The Tracker does not give up in spite of obstacles or criticism by others, but has superior faith in their own abilities and always able to find their way back, to family and friends.

 Rigger: The Rigger class describes a person that is able to survey a situation and knows exactly what must be done and how to do it. A Rigger only needs a few items to attain the same results as someone with unlimited resources. Someone that is an expert with a knife and always has one within reach. A Rigger knows how to take care of themselves in any situation and are first in when others are overwhelmed by the situation.

 Gunner:  The Gunner is someone ready for battle, a warrior that is not afraid of difficult situations but welcomes them. Gunners usually work in pairs and form close bonds not requiring words to communicate, but knowing what the other is going to do in any situation.  A Gunner may have one or many weapons but is skilled in all that they have. The Gunner can seem aloof sometimes, but has the ability to form close friendships with others, built on trust and respect.

our Motto

"I will be brave when others are afraid, Courageous, when others are faint, Strong when others are weak, Faithful when others have failed"

Scottish Lass from Ohio at the 2023 Lady-Hawke Rendezvous.

Small Siler Flintlock assembled from Parts. was created  and based on the exploits of a particular western Pioneer and cowboy by the name of Jack Abernathy that captured wolves in the west with his bare hands. This ability amazed and captivated all those who witnessed it from cowboys to US President Teddy Roosevelt. The BHWC is unapologetic in projecting  moral principals and to bring back the 'Old school values that made our country the greatest nation in the world.   


Cancelling opinions, cultures, personalities is one of the most dangerous experiments in human history.  Such advice falls on deaf ears except for those that have challenged, damaged or decimated by this common human trait. Example given is the Brown Shirt brigades of 1930's Germany, when these thugs began a horrific campaign against German Jews resulting in the episode termed as 'Kristallnacht' translated as Night of broken glass. This is when the Brown shirts destroyed Jewish businesses and all but one of the Jewish temples in the Berlin area. Berliners didn't say much because they weren't Jews.  If you don't speak up for others when they are oppressed, who is going to come to your defense when they come for you?​​

Stay safe everyone.

President BHWC 


Treat everyone with respect as much as you would want  to be respected.  


Avoid rough language especially with women or children in your presence.

Avoid alcohol in excess because it prevents you  from leading others effectively.

BHWC allows no horseplay or safety issues involving any kind of weapon.

Be a good example to young people, giving  them proper instruction to navigate by a true moral compass.

Mongo, President BHWC